Increased Metabolism  
  Using the Power-Plate will intensify fat burning and improve the basic metabolism, reducing the subcutaneous layers of fat. Special massage exercises will also target specific problem areas.  
  Increased Muscle Strength
  During a Power-Plate program almost 100% of all muscle fibers in all muscle groups involved are activated. Clearly increasing both strength and muscle stamina.  
  Cellulite and Cosmetic Consequences
  The massage setting on the Power-Plate loosen up coagulated tissues and adhesions, break down fat cells and improve the mobility of tissue layers. As cellulite is broken down and the connective tissue is reinforced, the skin tone will improve.  
  Pain Dampening
  Due to increased blood circulation and the extra stimulation of the nerves, pain is diminished. The increase in muscle tension during training often leads to a reduction of residual tension which also reduces pain.  
  Improved Flexibility
  Intense circulation and warming of the muscles and tendons will enhance flexibility of the body as well as loosening tension, coagulation and adhesion of body tissues.  
Improved Fitness
As the muscle tissue gets stronger more will be required of the supply systems in the body, including the heart. This will lead to improved efficiency of all of these systems.
Activated Circulation
During a Power-Plate program the muscles work as a pump that introduces blood into even the smallest blood vessels at up to 50 times per second. This ensures that cells are provided with fuel very rapidly. As a result, the body will also carry off waste products much faster, leading to improved regeneration.
Improved Coordination
Since all receptors in the body are stimulated simultaneously, both the inter- and intra-muscular coordination will improve. Reactions and sense of balance are also developed causing an immediate improvement.
Increased Bone Density
The Power-Plate stimulates the growth of bone tissue. Scientific research has shown that bone-density increases after training on the Power-Plate. Combined with stronger muscles and an improved sense of balance it offers a positive contribution to the battle against osteoporosis and reduces the risk of falling for the elderly in particular.